How much Does it Cost to Replace an RV Roof

How much Does it Cost to Replace an RV Roof?

RV Rubber roof replacement is not a simple task, it is costly as well as time consuming. But before to start RV roof replacement, it’s important to get the answer of this question; how much does it cost to replace an RV roof?

There are different types of RV roof, the cost and time depends on the size and type of RV roofing. For a small size the RV roof replacement cost could be from $500 to $2500. But if the size will large then it could be $2500 to $10000. In short it depends on the material as well as size of RV roof.

Moreover, there are many factors involved, that can increase or decrease the total cost of RV roof replacement. In this blog post you’ll learn types of RV roof, their replacement cost, and how to save more money by following experts pro tips.

Let’s explore in details!

Basics of RV Roof Replacement

A recreational vehicle also knows RV, which designed for long trip accommodation. RV roof is made of different materials. It is essential to save you from different weather conditions but it doesn’t remain longer. Over time, it’ll face different problems such as, water leakage, structure problem and many others. Now that’s the time you need to replace your RV roof.

The process of replacing RV roof is complex and time consuming. So, it’s better to get this job done from a professional. Moreover, the cost will depend on different factors and you’ll learn all these in this blog post.

Factors Involved into the Cost of Replacing RV Roof  

The cost to replace RV roof depends on several factors. Here are four factors

Size of Roof: The cost of the RV roofing depends on the size. Larger size required more material as well as labor. So, the cost increases as the size of the roof increase.

Material: Another potential factor is material of the roof. Some materials cost less and other cost more. It depends on your choice. Logentertain 8.5′ Wide PVC RV Rubber Roof Kit in White will cost you from $100 to $150. Moreover, Liquid Rubber RV Roof Coating Solar Reflective Sealant will cost you from $50 to $100 for a 1-gallon. You can estimate the RV roof replacement cost from the above prices.

Old Roof Condition: The cost of RV roof replacement also depends on old roof condition. If the previous roof condition is rough then replacing cost should be more. But if your old roof in better condition, you can repair it and it’ll save your money.

Labor Cost: Another factor is labor cost. It depends on the number of labors, complexity of the job and contractor’s rates. Mostly it’ll cost you from $500 to $1000.

From the above factors you can easily estimate the cost of RV roof replacement. Moreover, it also depends on the country to country.

Average Cost of RV Roof Replacement by Material

Different material used in RV roofing and the cost depends on types. Here are some material used in RV roofing and you can estimate cost according to it.

  1. Rubber (EPDM or TPO): Rubber is most common material used in RV roofing, it is lightweight and durable. Moreover rubber RV roof is easy to install. The average cost of rubber RV roof replacement is about $300 to $325 per linear foot.
  2. Fiberglass RV Roof: This material required less maintenance than rubber and it is highly durable. But expensive, the average cost of fiberglass RV roof replacement is $350 to $400 per linear foot.
  3. Aluminum RV Roof: Aluminum roofs can last longer with small maintenance. These roofs are most expensive than others, the average cost of aluminum RV roof is about $375 to $450 per linear foot.

Save on Your RV Roof Replacement

How you can save some extra dollars while RV roof replacement? There are different techniques to save time and money. Here are few

  • Get multiple quotes from different contractors, the cost vary significantly. It will help you to get the best deal for room replacement.
  • Do some less technical work yourself such as removing old roofing material and painting new roof. You can handle such types of work and it’ll save your money and time.
  • Another options is always replace your roof in off-season, when RV roof replacement demand lower then you’ll get better price.


In conclusion, hope you’ll get answer of the question; how much does it cost to replace an RV roof? The cost of replacing RV roof depends on different factors as above explained. However, by proper planning and expert’s guidelines you can estimate cost as well as save extra money

In short, a well maintained RV roofing is not just about cost of the replacement, but it’ll ensure the longevity of the RV roof. You can contact us for more details about RV roofing replacement.

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