Should I Replace Gutters with Roof

Should I Replace Gutters with Roof?

Do you want to replace your roof? Have you decided gutters replacement with roof or just have a question in mind; should I replace gutters with roof? Well! Most of the homeowners thought that, gutters can only replace while roof replacement.

Gutter are important as roof, so before to start replacement you must need to consider some important factors which will be discussed later.

In this blog post you’ll learn all about roof gutter system, when you need to replace them and how to contact with a professional contractor.

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Will You Need to Remove Your Gutters?

When you start roof replacement, there is possible situation the gutter will damage. Always talk to your contractor to protect all the gutters during roof replacement.

Most of the homeowners replace gutters during new roof reinstallation or replacement. But there is no need if you gutters are new and working properly. But if you want to replace them, it can be done at the same time. Yes! You can replace gutter during roof replacement.

Moreover, it is only possible if you have hire a professional roofer, because removing gutter during roof replacement is a difficult task. A professional contractors will remove it while removing old shingles of your roof.

In short, both options are available during roof replacement or new roof installation.

  • You can remove gutters
  • You contractors remove old roof without damage of gutters

Factors to Consider before Replacing Gutters

There are multiple factors to consider before replacing gutters.

Sign of Damaged Gutters

If your gutters are not in good conditions, you can replace them with roof. Damaged gutters can cause leakage, foundation crack and ceiling damage.

Here are different signs of a damaged gutters;

  • Cracks in gutters
  • Damaged at the seams
  • Peeling paint near your roof gutters
  • Rust on gutters
  • Water damage
  • Pulling or sagging

Cost of Gutter Replacement

Replacing roof is costly instead of gutter replacement. But replacing both at a time will cost you higher. A professional will charge from $600 to $4000, it depends on the material and length of your roof gutters. The average cost is about &2200 with more expensive material and longer length.

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New Gutters Installation

Fascia board is necessary for gutter installation. The board is only available when the roof have been installed. If you want to replace your gutters, the best option is to wait until the roof installation.

Signs that your Gutters Need to be Cleaned

When you thought that, your gutters need to be replaced, you should check these options. There are several signs that gutters need to be cleaned.

Sagging: The soggy debris and water weight can cause gutter sagging. If you see these signs you must need to clean your roof gutters. It’s is the best way to protect your home. Otherwise you need to replace gutters.

Rain Overflow: When you gutters clogged, the rain water overflow from the sides of the gutter system. It’ll damage your roof as well as structure and foundation of your home. Here you must consider cleaning of gutters.

Standing Water: When the gutters clogged, the water standing on the roof or around the foundation of your home. It is the sign that water is not properly draining. It is due to gutter clogging, you can protect your roof by cleaning the gutters from a professional contractor.

Can You Install New Gutters Without Replacing Your Roof?

Yes you can install new gutters, if you do not want to replace your roof. But, if you need to replace gutters, check your roof. For old gutters the roof also damage or in last of lifespan. So, it’s important to inspect it from a professional roofer.

Moreover, if you replace your gutters and then after sometime, roof must need to replace. It is financially disturb you. Replacing roof is costly instead of gutters so always prioritize your roof replacement over gutters.

Final Words

In conclusion, gutters can be replaced with or without roof replacement. If your gutter are in good conditions, it’s best to replace only roof. But it will only happens with a professional contractor.

Moreover, you can only replace your gutters without replacing roof. Because roofing is expensive and new gutters will enhance the roof life span.

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