What can go Wrong During a Roof Replacement

What can go Wrong During a Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is very important for your home, when it needs to replace, there are many issues you can face. So, here is a question arise, what can go wrong during a roof replacement? A simple answer is there are multiples!

To replace a roof, the process should be smooth. Before to start you must need to learn all the possible problems you can face. Here are 11 common roof replacement problems, consult all these with your contractor for a smooth roof replacement.

In this blog post you’ll learn all the possible and potential issues while a roof replacement. It could help you to achieve best output.

11 common things that can go wrong During Roof Replacement

Here are 11 common problems that can go wrong during a roof replacement.

1. Inclement Weather

Unpleasant, stormy and cold weather is not favorable for your roof replacement. In stormy weather conditions your shingles can blow away and can break. It is harmful instead of protecting your home. Moreover, cold and snow fall is also a hurdle in roof replacement process.

How you can work without any damage? Here a contractor will help you, his precise measurements about weather conditions will save you from any harm or wrong doing. Furthermore, most of the contractors will suggest you contact them when the storm and bad weather gone. It is feasible for homeowners as well as workers safety.

2. Mismatched Shingles

One of the most common problem is mismatched shingles. When you order shingles or buy from the contractor’s reference always check equal size and shape of shingles. Otherwise your roof will looks uneven. Moreover, color and style of shingles should be same.

If you want to repair some portion of your roof finding same asphalt shingles also a problem. Don’t buy other, always demand the same as you are using. It will increase the beauty of your home.

In short mismatched shingles can easily spot a bad roofing replacement job, so don’t afraid and always ask from your contractor.

3. Roof Leaks

Roof leaks is another common problem that homeowners can face. There are many reasons of roof leakage. Signs of roof leak and water damage can appear near the chimney, gutters, flashing and skylights. It will happens due to broken shingles and cracked flashing. It’s happening and it’s frustrating for every homeowner.

Moreover, if it happens from long time, it’ll cause structural damage. In short, if you notice any appearance of the above signs always contact a professional roofer. Instead of delay hurry up to call for inspection, it’ll save your money, time and home’s beauty.

4. Damaged Roofing Material

Damaged roofing material is another wrong doing while roof replacement. Asphalt Shingles, tiles, sealants, nails and any other can be damaged. From the materials if damages you must need to get suggestions from the experts.

Broken shingles and damaged tiles can cause leakage, and structural damage. Always use high quality material while roofing works. Don’t shy, ask from your contractor about roofing material’s quality, it should be of high quality.

Moreover, you can contact with a professional roofers for maintenance check, they can detect and inform you about broken or damage issues.

5. Damaged Flashing

Flashing is of plastic, composite or metal sheet that can protect your roof’s creases on fixtures. It is used to save venting pipes under the roofing material. If the flashing material damage or cracks, it will moisturize a specific area and damage your roof.

In short, you must need to inspect all of your roof. If flashing cracks present then replace it with new one. It can prevent water from a certain area and save your roof from leakage. While replacing new one, removing shingles is normal from that area. You can contact to professional roofers for a perfect job.

6. Underlayment

Underlayment is a felt-like material above the decking and below the roof shingles. It is a barrier between shingles and decking that protects water leakage.

Installing underlayment can save your roof for long. Because if you didn’t install it, then there is possibility of water leakage from the shingles. It can damage your shingles as well as decking.

Underlayment helps to create waterproofing, so you must consider it before to start roof replacement. You can also get suggestions from, your professional roofers.

7. Improper Nailing Techniques

Nailing techniques are also important. When nailing in shingles, it’s very important to call a contractor. There are different nail techniques, an improper nailing can cause bad effect on your roof. It could generate problems down the line. Nails at wrong location or corrosion can cause water leakage. It happens due to unprofessional roofers, low material and high pressure on nails.

Moreover, to avoid from water leakage from nailing points, always use high quality nails and proper techniques. If you feel or suspect bad nailing techniques, you must need to contact a professional roofer.

8. Using Old Roof Repair Equipment

The climate and weather conditions always directly affect your roof. When you need to replace or new roof, using wrong roofing material can also cause major problems. Used or old shingles may start to leak. Sometime old material can compromise your whole roofing system.

It’s a common mistake of using low quality material, in this mistake most of the homeowners trapped. If you want to replace your roof always try to contact with a professional roofer or contractor. Moreover, high quality material and services is key success in roof replacement. So, always try to invest on high quality materials.  

9. Missing Drip Edge

A drip edge is an optional, there is no need in every situation but you need to learn about it. Drip edge is a metal sheet between the roof shingles and underlayment. It protect your roof, it’s an extra flashing for your roof.

If you want to protect your roof for a longtime, you can add extra sheet between shingles and underlayment which is known as drip edge. Moreover you can contact to a professional for better and detailed guide lines.

10. Clogged Gutter

Defective or clogged gutter can cause leakage along the roof’s edge. Due to clogged gutters water standing can cause seep of water. It looks like is not a major problem but clogged gutter can damage slowly and sometime damage roof structure.

Moreover, if the low quality material and improper nailing used then clogged gutter destroy the whole roof with water leakage. Homeowner’s must need to inspect from professional roofers, this inspection will save your roof as well as money.

11. Failing to Use starter strips

A starter strip protects your roof for long. The starter strip is the first row of shingle at the edge of the roof. Most probably the edges of the roof starts to leak. To avoid water leakage form the edges, you can use starter strip which is doubled layer of shingles.

It is one of the common wrong doing while roof replacement. The doubled layer keeps water away, so installing starter course decrease the risk of water leakage.

How to safely prepare for your roof replacement?

Before to start roof replacement, every homeowner should need to learn the above common wrong doings in roofing. Each problems can cause a major damage to your roof.

Moreover, if you want to avoid from all the mistakes you can contact to a professional contract, he’ll inspect your site and suggest you the best options available in the market. Build In Common also provides roofing services, you can contact for free quote.  

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