How to repair RV roof

How to repair RV roof?

If you’re an adventurer, then an RV vehicle you must-have. And if you did not care your RV roof you will lose your hard earned money. Moreover, if you don’t check your RV roof regularly, you could end up with damage in the future.

The roof of an RV is very important and if it is not repaired in time, the entire roof will damage. Therefore, it is better to repair small roof damages and avoid major problems.

In this blog post you will read how to repair RV roof? Moreover, how to repair all types of RV roofs and how to save your RV’s. Let’s look at this further.

What is RV Roof?

A vehicle roof designed for recreational use is called an RV roof. RV roofs are made from a variety of materials. These roofs are mostly made of rubber and fiberglass.

Rubber RV roofs are made of thin weatherproof layers that are overlaid on top of wood. EPDM/TPO roofs are very important among these types. On the other hand most of the RV’s have fiberglass roofs that are molded and waxed over them.

Moreover, RVs have metal roofs. All types are fine as long as you keep doing maintenance of them regularly.

How RV Roofs Damage?

RV roofs are often damaged when water seeps into them. Water damages insulation and seeps into interior framework. If the weather is cold and the water freezes inside, it will expand and crack your RV roof. In this way more water will seep into these cracks and thus the entire roof will damage.

Additionally, if you put too much weight on the RV roof, it increases the risk of damage. While a rubber RV roof is less weight-bearing, fiberglass and aluminum roofs are more weight-bearing. But if more weight is added or heavy goods are placed on the roof, it may crack. So always be careful. Keep in mind, keep your RV roof inspected and be safe from major damage.

RV Roof Repairing Steps

If you are going to repair your RV roof, there are a few things to keep in mind first.

  • Clean the RV roof thoroughly.
  • You should have all the repair equipment on hand.
  • If the repair is minor, then do it yourself or get it done by a professional. Because they have all kinds of tools.

Cleaning before RV Roof Repair

The first step in repairing an RV roof is to clean it thoroughly. Cleaning removes dirt particles and marks on the roof. But always remember, never use petroleum or acid cleaners it will weaken your roof and damage it before its life.

RV Roof Cleaning Before Repairing

Also, if you want to repair the entire roof, use tape on the edges so that the roof cleaning material does not fall down the side. In this guide you will learn how to repair different types of RV roofs.

  • Rubber RV roof
  • Aluminum RV roof
  • Fiberglass RV roof

How to Repair Rubber RV Roof?

First, you should keep in mind that an RV roof should be inspected four times a year. There are three types of repairs, including roof sealant, patching holes and tears, and resealing the joints.

To start repairing the roof you have to go to the roof. But if you go directly to the rubber roof, there is a risk of the roof breaking and you need to replace the rubber roof. So try placing a wooden plank on the roof and walk on it so that your weight is balanced and equally distributed. Moreover, RV rubber roofs are slippery so be careful.

Applying Roof Sealant

If your EPDM or TPO rubber roof looks chalky or flaky, this is a sign of a fresh coat of sealant. Over time this top layer wears down, putting your RV rubber roof at risk of damage.

Applying sealant is not difficult but when you go to buy sealant make sure to measure your roof so that you can buy accordingly and in the same amount. Carefully read and follow all instructions on the sealant container.

After cleaning the roof, let it dry and then apply a coat of sealant with a paint roller. Make sure there should be a thick layer of coat.

Patching of holes and tears

Oftentimes on RV roofs becomes holes or tears that need to be repaired. These holes and tears are repaired by patching. Self-made patches and RV roof tapes are available in the market. Which you can apply easily.

First clean the roof thoroughly, especially the affected area. Then apply the patch and roll over it with a roller so that there are no air bubbles and it sticks well.

Resealing RV Roof joints

Usually RV roofs get cracked due to the equipment on top of it like AC, antenna and screws etc. Due to the joints crack the water leakage starts. These joints are resealed with a self-leveling sealant tube. You must need to clean that area. All the instructions already written on the tube. Read them before use and reseal the joints.

Even if there is not much damage, it is a good practice to reseal the joint after a certain period of time to avoid further damage in the future.

How to Repair Aluminum RV Roof?

RV roofs are also made of metal. If you have a metal roof, this can also be repaired. Build In Common’s experts will tell you based on their experience how to repair these roofs and what to keep in mind while doing the repair.

Aluminum RV Roof Resealing

Aluminum and all other metal RV roofs can be resealing with pre-made coting. Dicor Metal RV Roof Coating is used for this. This material is easily available in the market.

Woman is using Caulking gun to Repair Aluminum RV Roof

When you coat it, it forms a rubber type layer that protects the metal from rust and corrosion. It also makes the roof waterproof. Caulking gun is used for all this process. You can easily coat with this gun.

Repairing Hole and Tears in Aluminum RV Roof

If your metal roof has holes or cracks, it can be punctured. It all depends on the size of the puncture. Temporarily it is glued with a sticky patch. You can buy this adhesive patch according to your roof.

Clean the roof thoroughly and then stick the patch on the affected area and roll it with a roller so that no air bubbles remain inside. Apart from this, if the damage is more, then this part of the metal can also be changed. For this you need to talk to a professional metal repairer.

How to Repair Fiberglass RV Roof Repair?

Finally we look at how to repair a fiberglass RV roof. Repairing it is a little different than other types of RV roofs.

Resealing Fiberglass RV Roof

First clean the fiberglass RV roof thoroughly and remove any loose bits or pieces. Then rub the surface with sandpaper well and clean again. This way there will be only a little roughness and the coating will adhere well. Moreover, coat well with a paint brush or roller.

Hole or Tear Patching

Holes and tears in fiberglass roofs can also be repaired with patches. Take precautions and rub the affected area with sandpaper to match the normal surface. After that, clean the fiberglass RV roof and apply patches on it layer by layer. All of these instructions are located on the patches kit.

Do You Need a Professional RV Roof Repairer

Repairing an RV roof is not difficult, but if you don’t have the tools, it’s best to contact a professional repairman. Because a professional repairer works accordingly by doing a better inspection of patches, resealing and coatings based on his experience.

Moreover, If you did something wrong then RV roof replacing may be costly for you, experts can save your cost while in coating material and repairings.  Build In Common can help you a lot in this, if you are looking for a professional RV Roof repairer then you can contact us.

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