Do Roofers Install Chimney Caps

Do Roofers Install Chimney Caps? (Who To Call)

Do roofers install chimney caps? Straight forward answer is YES! Installing a chimney caps is a bit of a tricky and skillful job. And this should only be done by an expert roofer. Because the chimney is at a height, it is dangerous to work at such a height as a normal house owner. Because normal person can also damage the roof of the house without knowing it.

In this blog post, we’ll look at who should install a chimney caps, what the benefits of hiring a professional roofer can be, and who might be the best choice for a chimney caps installation.

What is a Chimney Cap?

Chimney caps are the covering over the chimney that protects the chimney as well as your roof and home from rain, snow, and pests. It is also prevents Smoke from going back to inside the home.

Types of Chimney Caps

There are several types of chimney caps but we have listed only five chimney caps that are normally installed.

  1. Single Flue Cap
  2. Multi Flue Cap
  3. Outside Mount Cap
  4. Specialty Caps
  5. Full Cover Caps

Who Install Chimney Caps?

Do roofers install chimney caps? Chimney caps are usually installed by a roofer, but general contractors and fireplace installers also provide these services. First is climbing the roof and measuring the chimney, then material selection and proper installation of chimney caps. For this, your roofer should have professional tools so that there is no damage or damage to the roof.

Apart from this, all safety gears are mandatory.

Benefits of Professional Roofer to Install Chimney Caps

Benefits of Professional Roofer to Install Chimney Caps

There are many benefits if you hire a local roof expert instead of an unknown worker. One is that he is professional and secondly his experience and skill will help you in your chimney installation.

Following are some of the benefits of hiring a local roof expert.

1. Prevent Roof Damage

Professional roofers are experts in their work and know all the roofing materials, including structure, shingles, and all the skills that an expert should have. When they install the chimney cap on your roof, they are very careful so that there should be no damage. On the contrary, if you do the work yourself or a common worker, he will surely break your roof shingles. Professional roofers always balance their weight so as not to damage the roof.

2. Chimney Cap Inspection

Roofers are usually trained for chimney and roof inspections and they do a thorough inspection before installing the chimney cap to alert home owner in time if there are any problems. Roofers install the chimney and its cap joint properly, so hiring a professional roofer gives you peace of mind.

3. Matching Aesthetic

Roofers always give a beautiful look to your house, they know which material and color will bring beauty to the house. Therefore, a professional roofer not only installs the chimney cap, but also guides on its material and color scheme. Thus your home gives aesthetic appeal and looks beautiful.

4. Chimney Cap Warrant & Guarantee

Some roofers and companies give you guarantees and warranties. From which you can resolve any damages and issues with the roofer or company within a specified period. Thus if you hire a professional roofer or a good company they not only install the chimney cap but also guarantee their work and materials.

5. Maintenance Guide

All skillful Roofers gives you a complete guide about chimney caps. This includes how to perform regular cleanings and inspections. In short you must have to hire a professional roofer to install chimney caps. Moreover, professional roofers also protect your roof as well as chimney cap. Sometimes the roofers do the inspections themselves and provide you with a great service.

Final Words

Finally, an expert roofer can professionally installs your chimney cap. Professional roofers know how to install the cap and how to climb the roof etc. so that no damage done to your roof.

Apart from this, if you want to get a new chimney installation or a chimney cap installation, then Build In Common is providing a professional services, you can contact us.

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