Look what we have created for you! A Toolbox just for you!

No need for lengthy courses, reading a stack of books or googling for hours, we've done the hard work. Taking what we have learnt over the years, we have created an easy to use, step by step guide for you to plan, organise and build your next project.


Our Toolkits will help you:

  • Create your project brief
  • Ask the questions you need to get the right design for you
  • Understand your options
  • Know who you choose to work with
  • Budget, prepare and negotiate
  • Evaluate price and costs
  • Decide the best options for you
  • Manage your builder and trades
  • Master the language of building
  • Understand your plans and drawings
  • Navigate the build sequence for your project
  • Know which trades will be involved in the build
  • Manage the handover and completion
  • Find other useful links and resources

On top of this, we share a bucket load of hints and tips with you on all the little things we wish we had known when we got started. Save time, save money and take the headache out of building!

It's Your Choice!

Option 1:

The Fast and Furious

Purchase an electronic copy of the Toolkit. Buy now, click and have the Toolkit of your choice delivered directly to your inbox. You'll be ready to go straight away.

Option 2:

The Bells & Whistles

We have created a premium product for those who like and want more. Wondering what we mean by more?


You'll receive a:

  • Beautiful glossy, colour printed booklet of your Toolkit
  • Project Management Folder to help you manage your project paperwork and keep you on track
  • Handy Business Card Holder to keep your contacts in one place
  • Compartment to store your quotes and tenders for quick and easy access
  • Notebook and pen to capture conversations
  • Digital copy of your Toolkit on USB, including pre-formulated user friendly templates
  • Construction tape measure
  • High Vis safety vest
  • Protective disposable shoe covers
  • Handy project carry bag

This premium product is delivered straight to your door. Just open up and you're ready to be the boss of your project.

Your Toolbox

Kitchen Renovation Toolkit

Our Kitchen Renovation Toolkit is designed to take the uncertainty out of your project and empower you to understand and take control of your kitchen renovation. Knowing what a kitchen build process involves will take the guesswork out of your renovation, save you time and avoid costly mistakes.

Our Kitchen Toolkit is available now in both a digital and hard copy version! 


Extension Toolkit

Many of us are choosing to extend or renovate our homes to give ourselves more room to live, play or work, rather than selling up and moving on. If you are taking this approach and are planning on extending up or out, by adding another storey or a couple of extra rooms, let our Extension Toolkit take the pain out of getting started. 



Bathroom & Laundry Renovation Toolkit

Often home owners decide to tackle an upgrade of both the bathroom and laundry areas at the same time, as a cost effective means of utilising common trades and materials for both rooms. Our Bathroom and Laundry Renovation Toolkit will help you through the planning and build process. 

Our Bathroom & Laundry Toolkit is available now in both a digital and hard copy version! 

Smart Homes

We love smart homes – especially if they can make us feel safer and save us time! Gadgets, devices and technologies are seemingly everywhere and certainly on the rise. This means some exciting new opportunities for integrating  and enabling connectivity and technology throughout our homes. Do you like the idea of a touchless kitchen fawcett, fingerprint door locks or maybe even a sensor light on your toilet seat? 


We're busy putting together this Toolbox. To be part of our pre-release Join our community today for release updates!

New Build Toolkit

Our New Build Toolkit is designed to help you understand the build process and give you the confidence to ask all the right questions. If you are feeling daunted by the mere thought of what to think about, don't worry – you are not alone. Research shows building a new home is one of the most stressful events we can face.

Our New Build Toolkit is available now in both a digital and hard copy version! 




Sub-dividing or developing property does not have to be the domain of men and may be an attractive strategy to adding value to your asset base. It can also be a very empowering experience if you go into the project with eyes wide open, surround yourself with the right advice and know what to look out for from day one. We are creating Toolkits specifically designed for Sub-Divisions or Small Scale Commercial Developments.


We're busy putting together this Toolbox. To be part of our pre-release Join the community today for release updates!

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