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Choosing the best kitchen benchtop material

With stone benchtops being the go-to in most contemporary homes, HouseLab explores the options in giving a kitchen that solid, natural feel. *Header image M House by DKO Architecture featuring Maximum Moon benchtops. Photograph by Peter Bennetts.   Engineered stone and reconstituted stone The terms “engineered stone” and “reconstituted stone” are used interchangeably to describe…

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TILT April eMag: The upside to the downturn

April 2019 TILT edition available here   Much is being said in the media about the sharp downturn of the Sydney and Melbourne property markets, with doom and gloom having a field day when it comes to housing price forecasts. But remember that it really depends on which market you are looking at. Your perspective…

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20 Building and Home Shows in 2019

New trends, recent innovations and new products mean more choices! If you are planning a renovation or building project this year, you may want to consider visiting one of the many home and building exhibitions that are being offered around Australia in 2019. These events are always a great way to: 1.     Learn about trends…

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5 Specialist trades you can’t do without

5 Specialist trades you can’t do without when renovating: it’s the law! Thinking of renovating? You will quickly discover that you will be calling a variety of trades your new best friends. Depending on the nature and extent of your project, cabinetmakers, tilers, plasterers, painters, glaziers and bricklayers will all play a role. But do…

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5 Tips to renovate

A couple of years ago and about 10 years in the making, we finally decided to renovate our kitchen.  With 3 teenage daughters, a dog and a husband who likes to cook in the mix, we knew it was time to give what was in essence the “heart of our home” a facelift. We were…

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