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Our unique range of project-specific hard copy Build in Common Toolkits have been designed for you to use as your go-to-guides when renovating or building your home or investment property.  

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Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry, Extension, New Build and Property Development Toolkits.
From small-scale renovations, extensions, to new builds and subdivisions, we have something for every project!


Buy online and have your Toolkit delivered directly to your front door. Every Toolkit is filled with 80+ pages of specific questions to ask of your suppliers, trades professionals and builder, practical how-to information, build cycle sequencing and tips, tricks and jargon busters. Our Toolkits come to you beautifully printed in a handy project folder for you to add to as you plan, design and build your project. 


Access ongoing support through free subscription to our monthly TILT eMagazine and wider Build in Common industry network. Be inspired and learn from industry experts, role models and others who renovate, build and develop property. A community made just for you!

Ask more - Know more - Build more

Our Toolkits help you select, understand & manage your trades and builder  
Calibrate expectations - Avoid misunderstandings - Save time and money

Kitchen, Bathroom & Laundry, Home Extensions, New Build and Property Development Toolkits. 

We show you how to create your project brief, help you understand your options, decide who you can and should be working with, budget, prepare and negotiate, master the language of building and much, much more!

A community made just for you...

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Q&A on Building Plans

Plans, Plans, Plans When you go to an architect, builder or designer, they will prepare plans showing what your new building, house or room will look like. They draw up ‘your’ plans. Often an owner assumes that because they have paid for some plans, they “own” the plans and can use them as they like.…

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5 Tips to renovate

A couple of years ago and about 10 years in the making, we finally decided to renovate our kitchen.  With 3 teenage daughters, a dog and a husband who likes to cook in the mix, we knew it was time to give what was in essence the “heart of our home” a facelift. We were…

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3 Reasons We Launched

“Behind every great idea is a great woman (or two). It’s not what you know, it’s the questions you ask.” To EMPOWER To ENABLE To DEMYSTIFY For most, home is not only where the heart is, but also tends to be the single largest investment we make in our lives.  Many Australians looking to enter the…

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