Unpacking the world of display homes

This month we sat down with Jenna Bills, Co-Founder and Director of yourdisplayhomes.com.au to talk about the ins and outs of Display Homes.


Why visit a display home?

There are many reasons you would visit a display home and many benefits to be gained from a visit prior to planning your new build.

Inspiration is a big one. You can get a huge insight into what you do and do not like in terms of layout, design, materials and styling in a home. A visit can also help you decide on floor plans. It’s nice to see a floor plan on paper but knowing how it really feels to walk through that plan and if it suits your requirements, is really important.

Another reason you would visit a display home is to talk to the experts (New Home Consultants) who live and breathe new builds every single day.

You could visit a display home and love the quality, style and inclusions that company offers, helping you decide that they are your dream builder. A visit can also help you to understand the extra costs you should be accounting for on your build.


What differences do you see with display homes?

Depending on location the styles can be quite different, so in coastal areas, the displays are often designed to suit coastal living eg. main living and dining being upstairs for the ocean views or adopting a kit home style, to be used for holiday homes. We also see a huge variation in pricing.

Sometimes display homes can be perceived to only appeal to luxury living, but in fact, when you visit a display village you will find a multitude of builders tailoring to all different budgets, house sizes and styles.



Are there any particular things you should look out for?

It is very easy to become overwhelmed, especially if you are visiting a display village, as there can be in excess of 30 different homes to walk through. It’s best to just look at a few at a time (no more than 5-7) as this is when they start to become a blur and the experience stops being fun.

You will find that you will be impressed when you walk into the majority of display homes.

Remember though that they generally have all the upgraded features included in them, as builders want to show off their incredible work. However, the pricing you are given for that display home will have standard inclusions only; all those upgrades will cost more! Try not to get carried away by all the additional features, rather ask yourself ‘is it a requirement for my build?’


How do you find display homes near you?

www.yourdisplayhomes.com.au lists display homes across all of Australia. The site is regularly updated as more display homes are uploaded on a weekly basis.

You can also find display homes if you know a builder’s name. They will usually list their display homes directly on their own websites.



What are the current display home trends?

There has recently been a change in facade materials. Brick/render is always going to be popular however, cladding style homes are a more recent trend. The open plan living is still very popular across most display homes, as is having a separate kids area in the house. Having their own living room, play space or study off their bedrooms separate to the family living room can provide a much needed private zone.

Also popular at the moment is a parents’ retreat, which is basically a larger version of the master bedroom; somewhere for the parents to go. We have also seen the use of multiple materials inside the home to create more interest and add something a little different.

A lot more timber is being used through the houses, with different textured tiles, flooring options and window splashbacks to bring more natural light and the outdoors and greenery in.


All Images sourced and supplied by Your Display Homes.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you created Your Display Homes.

My fiancé and I have always had an interest in property, him more so in the investing side of it and me in interior design and styling. We love visiting display homes not only for inspiration but also to keep up to date on the latest trends for building our investment homes and potentially finding our next builder.

Like anyone else, we love planning our dream home and have a long list of features we would like to see in it. We spent so long online finding display homes (and missed half of them), so we thought there had to be a faster way of finding them! We decided to develop a display home directory (with an added builder profile directory) all on the one website. Ultimately we would like to list every display home in Australia on our site. It is one of those services that you don’t know you need until you need it. We have big dreams here at Your Display Homes!


Thank you to our guest contributor Jenna Bills, Co-Founder and Director of YourDisplayHomes.com.au.

Your Display Homes has been designed to showcase all display homes and their locations in Australia on one website. The idea is to simplify the process of finding your dream home and builder on our easy to navigate website. Established at the end of 2016, Your Display Homes is owned and operated by Jonathon Rossiter and Jenna Bills. The idea for Your Display Homes came about when we realised how much time we could save people if all display home listings and their builders were on one website, better still if you could have a list of the ones you want to visit in one spot by having a favourites page. Life is busy, especially when you add building a home into the mix!

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