Christmas Issue – December TILT

20 Sleeps until Christmas, with a brand new year just around the corner!

In the lead up to the Festive Season we had a lot of fun reading the hundreds of entries to our Christmas competition as they rolled in. With $750 worth of Christmas decorations from My Christmas up for grabs, creativity was running high – entries ranged from the truly hilarious to the delightfully nostalgic.

Some of the highlights included Kookaburra’s as Christmas tree toppers; dunking Grandma in the blow-up pool and many traditions involving food. Everything from eating cloves of garlic; spreading Nutella on the Christmas Ham; making Reindeer poo from Milo and Wheetbix, and trying to bribe Santa with Vodka Lime and Tonic. Really?!

After much debate, discussion and deliberation, a winning entry was found. Congratulations to Jason W. from Queensland for painting such a vivid picture of your family tradition for us.

“This tradition was accidentally started by my late grandmother on my 6th Christmas when she gave my hideous homemade toilet paper roll Santa pride of place on her Christmas tree. Every year since, we’ve very prominently displayed the worst/ugliest homemade or purchased Christmas tree ornament constructed or acquired during that year. The whole extended family gets involved, votes are cast on Christmas Eve, the offending ornament is ceremonially hung by the family’s youngest member, and the ‘winner’ is awarded the highly coveted (though suitably horrendous), Christmas Light Perpetual Trophy!

Though sadly, an appropriately awful candidate would never be found among their fine range of decor, the bulk of our decorating we do in fact thankfully ‘Build in Common’ with the high-quality MyChristmas ethos!”

We hope you enjoy the upgrade to your Christmas decorations this year!

To each and every one of our readers, supporters and customers, thank you for a wonderful year. We wish you and your loved ones a joyous, relaxing and safe Festive Season.

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