TILT eMag: August is upon us

We conducted a recent poll with our networks and found that the majority of us when renovating dread the idea of the building phase more than the initial design stage. No real surprise we hear you say?

Designing and conceptualising what your new living space or home will look like is meant to be fun – our creative juices start flowing and anything seems possible. At this stage, the biggest challenge often is having to scale back these grand designs into something more realistic, attainable and affordable. So how would you go with fitting everything into 50m2 or less?

Yes, you read right. That’s the size of perhaps your living room or a large bedroom!

Trends show that over the past 60 years Australian homes have doubled in size, with the average footprint of a new-build home around 250m2, bringing with this an increase in construction, maintenance and energy costs. In defiance of this trend, Australia (and the world) is witnessing a growing interest in Tiny Homes, with many embracing the idea of cheaper, compact and transportable property.

To understand the motivations behind making this decision like this, we invited Laura Densem to share her story with us this month. Laura and her partner are just 2 weeks away from moving into their Tiny Home – 2.4m wide and 6m long!

If small is not for you, we are sure you will love reading more about your options when choosing and engaging with design professionals. Our wonderful design expert Alison McKechnie sets out the 5 essentials that you need to cover off on in your agreement or contract with your architect, design consultant or technical draftsperson. Or if you are just at the buying or selling stage, arm yourself with some great auction tips shared by Joanne Royston, one of Australia’s leading auctioneers.

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