What your door says about your home

Classic or Modern?
What your entry door says about your home.

There is a lot to consider when building or renovating your home and one of the most important decisions to make is about style. And of the numerous design elements that can influence the overall look and feel of your home, your entry door is a major factor. The style of door you choose will define the character of the home. There are two obvious categories of style to choose from – the classic/traditional style and the modern contemporary look.


The Classic Look

There’s a reason the classic style is so popular. This style is timeless and, if it is done right and the perfect door is used, it can create a warm and welcoming feeling that spreads throughout the whole home. This look is generally pulled together with a combination of smaller aspects, such as pigmented colours, highly polished brass fittings or exposed timber.

For example, Hume’s Carringbush range is a recreation of doors from the Victorian era. These doors incorporate routed designs and have the warmth of detailed timber mouldings, strong cricket bat panels, ledge and scroll on the exterior door face. You expect the inside to be homey and classic from this first impression. Similarly, the Regency range offers timeless designs with substantial timber mouldings to the exterior face plus deep routed designs to both door faces. Solid construction with several glazing options available, including triple glaze leadlight designs to complement any classically styled home.

However, some people worry about falling into the trap of unoriginality with this style. It can be hard to create a classic look that is dramatically different from what has already been done. So, if you desire to be more creative in your design process, maybe a modern style is more your pace.


A Contemporary Look

Choosing a contemporary style means the sky is the limit. The idea of what ‘modern’ is, is constantly changing and updating. However, there are some aspects most modern homes all seem to have, including innovative design, a sleek overall feel or the use of bold, solid colours. A clean, smooth look is most popular for people pursuing this style, Hume’s Newington and Savoy ranges are obvious choice

The Newington range is unmatched in its adaptability. The choice of dazzling designs, an array of glass options and matching sidelights provides limitless choices for you to create the contemporary look.

The Savoy 820 range is engineered using joinery construction techniques featuring veneered laminated timber stiles and rails. Crafted from select timbers and available with a range of glass options to suit your style. Modern homes are great for unique individuals who want to add a touch of personal style. But, it can be difficult to keep up to date.


Your choice with Hume Doors

When it comes down to it, it all depends on what you find most appealing. If you find a door that fits well with your home and aligns perfectly with your style, that’s the one for you!

Visit humedoors.com.au to view their full range of stylish internal and entrance doors.


Remember, planning and having the right information on hand before you get started, is key to successfully renovating and building.

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