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Hello Winter! Hello TILT!

With June, July and August traditionally the coldest months in Australia many of us rush out to find new heating solutions for our homes, with perhaps a little regret not having insulated quite as effectively as we should have! Having recently exhibited at the HIA Sydney Home Show, we saw first-hand the many “hot” new options available when it comes to fireplaces and heating.

Fireplaces, both open and enclosed, are becoming increasingly a central design feature for those that not only want to add warmth, but also a sense of movement and drama to their homes. Suspended fireplaces, hanging “fire-pods”, fireplaces designed as room dividers, as well as outdoor “fire-pits”, all featured heavily. Think hand-shaped, spun steel, dark, colours, dramatic and bold lines! But that’s not all.

Exhibitions like the Home Show are a great way to find inspiration and new products, see what’s new and find solutions to your renovation and building challenges. Over 30,000 visitors had a chance to explore and talk to 280+ trade exhibitors, with Build in Common being one of them! Yes, it was it busy, but what a great time we had!

3 hot trends in building and renovation

Seeing what was on offer, we couldn’t help but notice 3 hot trends in the building and renovation space:

  1. Tiny Houses are on the rise and seem to be capturing the imagination of the market! The idea of condensing our living space into an area less than 35m² may not appeal to all, but with housing affordability a hot topic around Australia, we predict that Tiny Houses, as well as “micro blocks” are something we will be hearing a lot more of in coming years.
  2. Home energy storage options are becoming increasingly affordably and accepted within the housing market. The notion of being able to save, control, predict and even monetise surplus energy is an appealing one, and the TESLA stand at the Home Show certainly seemed to capture a great deal of attention. Showcasing a TESLA Powerwall 2 installed in a Tiny House, with solar roof panels charged up on Bondi Beach, seemed to work a treat. The $140K+ Tesla car parked next to the Tiny House didn’t hurt in grabbing peoples’ imagination either! FYI there is nothing “under the hood” in a Tesla car! Just additional boot space.
  3. Home automation is no longer just the domain of luxury homes, and a wave of new affordable and accessible technologies are changing how we live and enjoy our homes. From the way we open the front door (biometric identification, keyless locks, Bluetooth access, RFID controlled keys etc), to App-controlled security and monitoring, remote controlled lighting and home ventilation systems, to automated toilet modules, the choices are increasing, whilst prices are becoming more affordable.

What else is new in TILT this month?

To get you thinking about how you may want to integrate some of these trends into your home or renovation project, in this edition we bring you more about the “why”and “how to” in defining and developing a design that meets your needs. Right down to what statement you want your front door to make!

Read about progress claim payments as part of that major domestic building contract you may be looking to sign, and lastly, don’t forget to print out our “10 Questions to ask a tradie” cheat sheet. It will go a long way to helping you find the right person for your job.

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