HouseLab: A new digital home management platform

Managing a home, renovation or the handover of a new build can be complicated. Email chains, document storage, calendars, contacts and product information sit in numerous locations and the challenge has always been keeping everyone on the same page – but really, it doesn’t have to be that hard.

Launched in December 2017, HouseLab brings all these elements together under one digital roof – ensuring your next handover or renovation is simple and easy for everyone. Via a single digital platform the messy kitchen drawer of documents, warranties and manuals has been removed – freeing up dinner table conversation for home owners and reducing the post-occupancy communication for builders and architects. At the platform’s core is a simple dashboard that allows everyone involved in the design, construction and home management process to communicate and upload relevant information with an intelligent handover process that transfers ownership of the project upon completion.

Specifically tailored for those who create homes and the families that live in them, HouseLab is built on 45+ years of combined experience in cross-platform media and content creation for a range of local and multi-national clients. The founders, Marcus Piper and Chris Rennie, believe in pursuing things they are passionate about and that design thinking can have a positive impact on day-to-day lives.


For the home owner, HouseLab’s free personal account lets you:

  • Set up a project to manage a renovation or just simply manage a homes maintenance schedule
  • Create reminders or tasks during or after construction
  • Store all documents digitally for easy access
  • Manage your home once the project is complete
  • Access advice that helps demystify the renovation/building process

And for architects, designers, builders or those in real estate and development the platform is scaleable – meaning you can manage multiple homes at once as well as:

  • Store all clients’ documents for easy access
  • Customise the platform to suit the business and the customer
  • Keep a digital archive of all your projects
  • Enable the defect module to make recording and remediating transparent
  • Enable feedback from customer to help improve ongoing service

At the end of the day, HouseLab is about reducing the clutter and making life simpler for everyone. The biggest challenge it presents is what you are going to talk about over dinner and what to store in that new-found kitchen drawer.  If this sounds like a solution you have been looking for, take a closer look and visit  We would love to hear what you think.