Breaking through the Concrete Ceiling

Almost half of all property investors now are women, but many were still being short-changed out of millions because of the “blokey” nature of builders. Latest industry data showed that higher levels of working women, lone person and single parent households, divorce and longer lifespans were seeing almost as many females own property as males.  According to the Property Council Australia women hold 47% of property in Australia.

Sophie Foster from the Courier Mail in Queensland recently spoke to Sunshine Coast resident Simone Burke about her experiences in renovating and investing in property. Simon is currently mid-renovation for an investment property in which she “ripped up the floors and laid the vinyl planks herself”. When she first began developing and flipping properties, there was nothing available to break through the jargon of male tradies who made her feel like she was asking “dumb questions”.

Thank you Simone for being part of this story and sharing your insights and experiences for us!

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