Top 5 Impediments to Building

If the New Year has you fired up to finally get that renovation or building project underway, rest assured you are not alone! Yet despite best intentions, feeling uncertain about where and how to start, and focusing unduly on the impediments and perceived challenges, appears to be a common hurdle for Australian home owners. A short survey of our Build in Common Community has revealed some interesting insights into our collective mindset on domestic renovation projects.

TOP THREE types of domestic building projects being considered:  

  1. Kitchen renovations (33%)
  2. New Builds (32%)
  3. Subdivisions (26%)
TOP FIVE perceived main impediments to building:
  1. Finding a builder, architect or tradespeople.
  2. Lack of expertise / No previous experience.
  3. Perceived as being too expensive.
  4. Don’t know where to start.
  5. Not knowing if I can trust what a tradesperson tells me.
TOP THREE requests for assistance from Build in Common:
  1. Provide budgeting guidelines.
  2. Explain timeline examples of building projects.
  3. Explain what trades are needed to do a project.

We are definitely listening to this feedback, so keep an eye out as our Toolkits are released and join us for one of our planned events around Australia in 2018.